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Sex medical exam

Quantitative and qualitative methods in the social sciences: Culturally competent care for psychiatric clients who have a history of sexual abuse. If the medical examination is of a child under 16 and concerns physical or emotional abuse or neglect, it is strongly recommended that the consent of the adult with parental responsibility is obtained. Presentation to GP On any occasion when a child is presented at a GP surgery and suspicion is aroused as to whether injuries are non-accidental, the GP must refer the child to the Medical Specialist Group paediatricians and contact the MASH immediately. Archives of Internal Medicine, , If consent is not given then legal advice should be sought. Sexual abuse in a national survey of adult men and women: In exceptional circumstances where it would not be in the best interests of the child to seek the consent of a parent or carer before the medical examination, legal advice must be sought. In the case of a medical emergency, consent is not required.

Sex medical exam

Evidence of the need for routine inquiry. Family Violence and Abusive Relationships, 20 2 , Nursing assessment of adult females who are alcohol dependent and victims of sexual abuse. Coping with caring for patients who have been victimized. University of Toronto Press: The impact of childhood sexual abuse on women's dental experiences. Physiotherapy, 85 2 , Issues for physical therapists working with survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Birth, 19 4 , If consent is not given then legal advice should be sought. The role of caregivers and childbirth educators. Grounded theory procedures and techniques. Current feminist issues and practical strategies. Inquiring about childhood sexual abuse as part of the nursing history: If the medical and forensic examination concerns sexual abuse of a child under 16, the informed consent of the person with parental responsibility and, where appropriate, that of the child must always be obtained in writing by the examining paediatrician. A perspective for the 21st Century. A comprehensive handbook pp. Adult survivors of sexual abuse. A primary care focus for adult female survivors. Where consent is not readily available or where it is refused by a parent, the matter should be discussed with a children's services lawyer in order to receive legal advice and possible action to obtain a valid consent. Ensuring the child's welfare The child's welfare is the paramount concern and the gathering of evidence must not become an additional source of abuse to the child. Journal of Pediatric Health Care, 10 6 , However when police statements are provided care should be taken that this is informed consent and there should also, preferably, be consent obtained from a person with parental responsibility. Although a medical examination is not a requirement in every investigation, it needs to be considered regardless of whether the child has any apparent or visible injuries or appears to have been neglected. Counteracting, not reenacting, the violation of women's bodies: The role of the pediatric nurse practitioner. Basics of qualitative research:

Sex medical exam

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