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Patients satisfaction according to their sex

Table 4 Rotated component matrix: Estimate is the value of partial regression coefficients. There were no differences between the original and 1-year follow-up cohorts in terms of the distribution of patients by disease-specific cancer care Table 1. In conclusion, one-third of pre-menopausal women with cancer are dissatisfied with the quality and length of oncologist discussions about the impact of cancer treatment on reproductive health. Age, marital status, and menopausal status did not affect attitudes toward reproductive or sexual health discussions. Biology of Blood and Marrow Transplantation. Acknowledgments Meina Li and Jingrui Wang are co-first authors. CS is the guarantor.

Patients satisfaction according to their sex

These women were more likely to be of a younger age and with no previous pregnancies. Sex of the patient, occupation, marital status, and residence belong to a one-orientation contingency table; therefore, a rank sum test was used. Acknowledgments Meina Li and Jingrui Wang are co-first authors. The procedure of this study was approved by the ethics committee of the Second Military Medical University approval number LL However, postal questionnaire surveys typically lead to much lower response rates, which may introduce non-response bias. Methods The study sample consisted of inpatients from ten public hospitals in Shanghai. The percentage of satisfied and completely satisfied responses together was All authors have completed the Unified Competing Interest form at www. The goodness-of-fit operation showed a good model fit through the following measures: Discussion The present study demonstrates that female cancer survivors are generally satisfied with physician-patient discussions of treatment impact on fertility, menopause status and sexual health as they navigate through the cancer treatment process. As for ordinal and nonnormally distributed data, we utilized nonparametric tests for comparative analysis between inpatients with six kinds of demographic characteristics. Leedham B, Ganz P. Inpatient demographic characteristics such as sex of the patients, occupation, age, and residence had significant associations with satisfaction, while monthly income and marital status did not. Statistical Package for the Social Sciences Version Fertility- and menopause-related information needs of younger women with a diagnosis of early breast cancer. The basic data were arranged into contingency tables. The inquiry continued for 2 months, from July to September Studies involving female cancer survivors indicate that many women desire to preserve fertility during cancer treatment. Patients were included in the study because they attended a consultation, so the findings will be weighted towards those who attend most often; those who do not attend are not represented. These findings put individual complaints in perspective and showed that despite the challenges inherent in providing transgender care good satisfaction can be achieved. Younger women were more likely to explore options such as surrogacy and adoption, further highlighting the necessity for access to fertility specialist expertise. Estimate is the value of partial regression coefficients. Thus, there was a possible selection bias in this study. Competing Interests The authors have declared that no competing interest exists. Further studies and policy changes will need to regularly measure inpatient satisfaction with hospital care and monitor and adjust health projects according to the varied demands of inpatients.

Patients satisfaction according to their sex

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  1. Overall satisfaction with service received during hospitalization was considered to be the dependent variable, and the other 16 items acted as the independent variables. A total of psychiatry patients aged 18 to 65 years were approached and

  2. The need to exclude patients with missing data on explanatory variables meant that only

  3. Disease-specific cancer care significantly affected satisfaction ratings in the quality and length of conversation.

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